Milon Townsend Art Glass Ballet Dancers Sculpture

Milon Townsend Art Glass Ballet Dancers Sculpture

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Milon Townsend

Art Glass Ballet Dancers Sculpture

6" x 7"

This graceful glass sculpture features male and female ballet dancers. It really captures the movement so beautifully. The male dancer is set apart from the female with frosted glass vs clear glass.

This piece is in very good overall condition however as you can see in the photos, some of the frosted detail has rubbed off, mostly in the leg area.

Milon Townsend info from his website:

Townsend is a self-taught artist, with over 30 years of experience in his field. His 10 year study of dancers in New York City had a profound influence on his style, leading to the clean lines and focus on motion that he has become known for. His background in classical music was instrumental in developing the preference for structure and form that permeates his work today. Milon Townsend uses torches to melt the glass that he works with, a technique called flameworking. Colors are twisted upon themselves and encased inside the glass; delicate patterns are etched into sheets of dichroic glass; elements are ground and polished in preparation for assembly; ultraviolet adhesives are employed to laminate pieces together. Townsend uses modern technological
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