Milwaulkee Road EP5 2351 with original box

When I inherited this unit it did not work. The unit had not run for years and the original grease had hardened. I removed all the old grease from the drive truck and re-greased and now it runs fine. E unit works. Horn solenoid engages but needs a D battery to test the horn. Pantographs are NOT connected!. Unit still runs off the truck roller pickups. The headlamp lenses were also missing and have been replaced. The shell has the usual stress cracks on both ends around the rivet. I toyed with replacing the pantographs due to the rust but wanted to keep the unit as original as possible. You can get replacement pantographs for $17 from a few vendors, I'll leave it up to you. Small paint chip by one of the horns visible in the photographs. The box is original but locomotive paper wrapping is missing.

Unit has run a couple of two hour time slots at our train shows rather than just bench testing. If you are going to be in the Fredericksburg VA area and willing to stop by our clubhouse you can test the unit on our layout but you still must purchase using PayPal.

The General Electric EP-5 electric diesel style locomotive was introduced by Lionel in 1956. Lionels model of the EP5 is an accurate representation of the real-life diesel. The 2351 Milwaukee Road version was the second of only four EP-5's produced by Lionel during
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