Mimar Products, 1930-50's 16" Oscillating Fan

Mimar Products, 1930-50's 16" Oscillating Fan


Our actual pictured provided below.

From a client we have, from the Father's estate of old fans he had in his storage shed.

Unit has some oxidation from the extended storage period and could certainly use some cleaning up, as we made no attempt to do so. Also if intended for use, we would recommend oiling the bearings and such, with them having been stored away for many years.

To the best of my knowledge it has all original parts, but I really have no first hand information on its history to be aware otherwise, but the actual unit is pictured below for your viewing.

I did notice the wire gaurd does have a broken connection point on it and is pictured below.

Model 416XX

Powered on and worked as expected

Unit ships at 31 Pounds, as we packed this safely in a box measuring 18 x 18 x 18, so is billed by the Dimensional Weight of 31 pounds. Actual unit boxed is 20.40 Lbs

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