Minecraft Mystery Stone Series 2, Unopened!

Unopened Minecraft Mini-figure Mystery box Stone Series. All boxes are Unopened and are Random! ONLY 1 box is sold via this listing! Each box comes with 1 random Minecraft figure from the new Stone Series 2. These figures are hard to find as they are becoming extremely popular due to the popularity of the video game Minecraft. The Stone Series 2 is Brand new and is technically not being sold by the manufacturer Mattel till June 2015 which means you have the opportunity to own these figures before many others!
Figures consist of Chicken Bats Zombie Electrified Creeper Zombie Pigman Wither Steve with Iron Armor Ocelot Mystery Box Exclusives! Steve with TNT Tamed Wolf Undead Horse Saddled Pig COLLECT THEM ALL!!!!!
If you wish to buy more then 1 mystery box, Please contact me and we can see what options are available to help save on shipping.