Miners Eccles Flame Safety Lamp

Apologies to those who were watching and who had bid on this lamp. Unfortunately due to my error, I'd uploaded a completely incorrect set of images for this item so I had to end it and relist. The images on this listing are now correct
Hello and welcome to the last of 5 auctions in which I am listing a good quality genuine miners flame safety lamp.
Lot 5
This is for a "Type 6" flame safety lamp which is manufactured by the Protector Lamp and Lighting Co Ltd.
The brass plaque is not stamped with a Number but the other 2 parts of the lamp are stamped and the numbers match. (This leads me to think that the bonnet may have been replaced at some point in the life of the lamp). The rim of the glass cage is stamped with "60/1606" which dates this lamp to 1960 and the fuel vessel is stamped with "1606" and "65" and the numbers "25505"
This lamp is a "Type 6" and would normally have been issued to mine officials and deputies.
Overall the lamp is in good condition, it has the battle scars which would be expected of something which has been use down the pit but it is complete - Glass, wick, Striker Ratchet, Flint, both gauzes, fire seals and it's hook. The magnetic lock on this particular lamp is deactivated, so no magnet is needed to open / dismantle the lamp.
To light it - follow these instructions:
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