Miner's Plummet - Plumb Bob Lamp - Mining Miners Brass


This is a rare miner's plumb bob which was used for surveying mines. The center is hollowed out to store oil to fuel the wick. In mining, surveyors would mark the roof of the mine rather than the floor, as any mark on the floor would soon be obliterated or covered with dirt. The plummet would hang from the roof of the shaft, with the gimbled mount keeping the flame upright. The surveyor would site to the flame. These are perhaps the rarest types of plumb bobs sought by both tool collectors and mining collectors. The body has some minor surface scratches and dents. The total weight of this item is exactly 70 ounces (4 lbs 6 oz). The plummet itself is 6 3/4 inches long and the brass chains are each four foot long. The thimble-like cap fits snugly over the wick mount to cover wick when not in use. Winning Bidder is expected to pay within three days of auction. Item will be shipped upon payment received. Shipping insurance may be requested if desired but must be paid at the buyer's expense.

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