Mini kick scooter - Aqua - New in box - Free Shipping!

The mini kick is the quality choice in 3-wheel scooter for kids ages 2-5. An award-winning, Swiss-designed scooter, the mini features a unique "lean and steer" mechanism that gives kids the sensation of "sidewalk surfing" while riding-- it's what makes the scooter so much fun and also safe for even the youngest children to use. The mini kick is loved by parents and children alike-- parents love it for its quality design, durability, and the fact that its safe; children love it for its smooth glide, easy maneuverability, and joy of use!

Product details: (check out our website to view hi-res photos and videos of the mini in action! )

**Constructed with 3 wheels for greater stability and control, allowing children to ride with confidence. The mini's polyurethane wheels also create a wonderfully smooth glide — and a quiet ride (a joy for both parents and children!) The rear 'spoon' brake provides additional control for the rider.

**The mini kickboard is low to the ground and large enough for both feet, making it easy for riders to hop on and off or to switch from pushing to simply enjoying the ride. The fact that its lightweight makes it easy for parents or kids to pick up and carry when necessary. The mini kickboard makes scooting fun for young children in addition to developing their balance, coordination and motor
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