Mini works style dashboard - rally works dash

This is a works rally style dashboard similar to those used in competition Minis in the 60's. As can be seen from the picture it looks as new. I bought it for a mini project that never happened, hence reselling without ever getting the chance to fit it.
It comes with a pre-cut 80mm hole for the rev counter / tachometer. This was done prior to the painting in the manufacturing process so the edges are smoothly painted. There are the 4 brackets to fit it to the existing dash, with the existing binnacle in the middle. As many dials, switches and warning lights as you want can then be simply added. It looks new on all the faces that are visualised once fitted. There is one extra drilled hole for fitting on a flange that is not seen once fitted - I presume the previous owner did this to fit his setup.
James Martin the chef owns the ex-works 1960's Mini Cooper S, registration 8 EMO, and this dash is similar to the one in his car which can be seen at the following web page, which gives you the general idea of how it looks:-
I have given an accurate description and please see my feedback.
These dashboards do not come up often on ebay so bid for it while you can .