MINIATURE ~~ RARE ~~ Coalport/Wedgwood Indian Tree Wash Basin & Pitcher

Is Indian Tree the most popular pattern around? Well no, I'd bet Blue Willow wins that crown but this design must be up there with the superstars. In a brief search (that almost crashed my computer) I found 72 DIFFERENT manufacturers producing their version(s) of Indian Tree - some scalloped, some smooth, some multi-color, some single colors, some gold trim, some with colored trim, some with no trim at all. There are even companies producing more than one variety of Indian Tree dinnerware led by SPODE with (at least) 16 DIFFERENT issues I could find.

This listing features a COALPORT INDIAN TREE miniature - a wash bowl and ewer. It is one of the multi-colored variations with smooth sides and gold trim. Each piece (save for the lids) is imprinted with the Coalport backstamp ensuring authenticity and reassuring the average buyer.

These don't come up very often on eBay. You could try any number of pattern-matching services but it would be hit and miss - mostly miss. Why not take advantage of this auction and start/build your collection, or one for a beginning collector?

Thankfully these are light weight compared to their bigger cousins so it should be no trouble to combine your winnings into a single shipment. I always reserve the right to pack your goods in as many parcels as I deem necessary for their safe
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