Miniature Cradleboard in Northern Plains Style

This is a handmade miniature cradleboard made in the Northern Plains style. It is made from tree roots, grasses, deer skin leather, sinew and beads. It is all hand sewn and beaded. It measures approximately 16 inches long and 6 inches wide.

I am an artist and have lived with and worked with many Native Americans as I traveled the country doing my art. I have sold in the Merchandise Mart in Colorado, taking orders from all over this country, and as far away as Japan. I have had orders from Native Americans on reservations, as well as selling to the general public.

My mentor was a guide on the Apache Reservation in Arizona. He was married to the Apache chief's daughter, and his artwork was in galleries in New York, as well as sold all over the country. He was a great man, a crossbow hunter, and was cherished and revered among many people. He died from brain cancer in the early part of this century. He is much missed. I hope my art can be a dedication to him and to his memory.

This piece was supervised by an Ojibway woman I met in my travels. She had a lot of wisdom and a very good heart.