Miniature Paper floor standing Punch and Judy Theater

Up for auction is a lovely and intricate handmade paper toy theater set. You see a Flat Punch and Judy floor standing proscenium . This set is 3" tall and 2" wide at card stock paper base. You see four layers. It is a Guignol French paper set that was miniaturized. You can also see three delightful Punch players, Punch Judy and the Devil. This set is to dollhouse scale as some of these Victorian theaters were quite large. All the images used are components of antique paper toy theater prints in my collection. The actual sets are much nicer than the photos can show. It is a beautiful hand made one of a kind miniature for any miniature setting you choose to put it in. My sets have a protective finish, they are signed and they are always double boxed when I ship them Thank you for looking.