Miniature Portrait by J. Turmeau II (b)

Extraordinary, museum-quality miniature portrait by British artist John Turmeau II (1777-1846), a portrait painter and miniaturist born in Liverpool. It is signed on the lower right with the initials "IT," a signature characteristic of this painter. This miniature is one of a pair in matching frames. This one is believed to be a self-portrait of the artist; the other miniature, a portrait of Susan Turmeau, the painter's daughter (listed separately). See attached photo of the female portrait for reference. This listing is for the male portrait only. The Walker Museum in Liverpool has a large collection of Turmeau's work. The attached article from the Museum's archives, a 1921 issue of "The Connoisseur" magazine, is illustrated with miniature portraits [#2 and #3] of Turmeau and his daughter. There is an evident physical resemblance between the sitters shown in the article and the ones in the portraits we are offering. John Turmeau II was the son of John Turmeau, a jeweller, and the grandson of Allan Turmeau, a French Huguenot painter who emigrated to England. John studied at the Royal Academy, contributed to the establishment of the Liverpool Academy and was its President for more than 20 years. The frame is made out of wood covered by brown velvet (worn, as shown). The inner edge of the velvet fabric is stamped LISTER & CO, a ... read more