6 Miniature Sgnd Egyptian Etchings Jan/Mel Fleck

6 Miniature Signed Egyptian Etchings Jan / Mel Fleck
Six (6) Miniature Signed Egyptian Etchings Jan / Mel Fleck 6” tall x 4 7/8” wide each- They are sealed in plastic with a slightly larger piece of foam core board. (except for the Lion – his plastic is taped) The embossed center measures 3” tall x 2 5/8” wide, & the beautiful painted etching is only one inch square! Click on the pictures to get a better look at the artwork. 1. The Lion 2. The Snake 3. Two Flowering Reeds 4. The Owl 5. The Mouth 6. The Flowering Reed Each of these little pieces has a variety of textures and surface heights that accentuate the beauty of the central figure. Snippets from the Fleck Presentation Info Sheets: “All our etchings are original compositions; none are copies of ancient paintings or tomb drawings. The cumulative knowledge gained from over twenty years of travel and study allows us to present original scenes in a historically-accurate yet completely new way. By learning how the Egyptians and other cultures used color, design and dimension, we have developed guidelines for converting our own ideas into correct representations of ancient beliefs, ways of life and aspirations… The initial design of all our images is a collaborative effort. Upon completion of the design, Jan etches the images onto a zinc plate using nitric acid. Mel
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