Miniature six stringed guitar in two types of wood finish

I know very little about this guitar, it was given to my daughter, as a Xmas present several years ago, suffice it to say she had no interest in learning to play at all and it was put in the attic with a lot of other items, it has recently resurfaced, and I have decided to sell it to someone that may make use of it and appreciate it more than my daughter ever did.
As I say very little is known about it except there is a German label on it that say's 100 jare Wittstadt WURSBERG, Kaiser st. It is 57 centimetres long by 21 centimetres wide at it's widest point, the neck is 30 centimetres log, there are 2 string missing, replacements should be easily obtainable.
The postage and packaging shown for the item is for UK delivery only if delivery required outside UK please contact seller for price.