This magical holiday season comes to life with this skaters pond. As Christmas songs play two men, two women and two children skate with grace around the pond and each other. Snow covers the trees and bridge and sets the winter tone. This comes with the above mentioned pieces and everything you see in the pictures. All of the lamp post light up. The young girl lying by herself in the diagram picture belongs at the forefront of the pond edge. She got broke off but can probably be glued back on. I thought it would be better to do this after being shipped. T is also a man missing who sits on the park bench. But neither one of these items being gone detracts from the scene at all. Wipes clean with a damp cloth. Some assembly required. The bottoms of the trees have become separated from their base which looks like they were originally glued. But they also snap together so it does not affect the assembly at all. T is an alphabet letter under the bottom of each tree which corresponds with a like letter on a post around the edge of the pond. So it tells you w each tree goes. Just touch the bottom of the skaters to the pond until you feel the magnetic pull and you can leave them t Or place them all in a circle around the pond and when it starts each skater starts at a different time.

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