Minichamps Paul's Model Art 1961 Lincoln JFK car 1:43

The Kennedy Car - 1961 Lincoln Continental X-100 Paul's Model Art, Minichamps Presidential Vehicle Series, #3 Limited Edition JFK trip to Berlin, 1963, Item #02
A very nice collectible here made by Paul's Model Art, Minichamps. This item was part of a highly collectable, 3 item series called the Presidential Vehicle Series. Item one was the same car, from John F. Kennedy's trip to Dallas in 1963. Item two was titled "Quick Fix", which was the L.B. Johnson Car, Lincoln Continental 1964. Item 3 is this one, a 1961 Lincoln Continental X-100 from John F. Kennedy's trip to "Berlin, 1963".
This is a highly collectable, out of print item. This is the rare, 1st issue of the item with a German flag. I believe they have made 3 issues all together. The other issues have some sort of blue flag in place of where the German flag is on this item. I did my research on this item thoroughly, and cannot find this item for sale anywhere on the internet. The minichamps website states that it is out of print. I know that all the 3 Presidential Vehicle Series cars were limited edition, but I am unsure of how many were made.
The model is in mint condition, has never been removed from the base, or case. The car is anchored to the base by three screws. The acrylic case has a few light scratches/scuff marks that can only be seen when held/tilted
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