Minimag and Auto mag Classic + lots of Extras

For sale are 2 Automags. An Automag Classic and a Minimag.The minimag is in excellent working condition and comes w/ a DYE Boomstick and stock barrel , it also has sub-zero expansion chamber Dye double trigger frame that has not been used. The automag works but needs new o-rings and spring. I have a new complete rebuild kit that is included.Also included is a new and unused tactical jacket, two 120 rd. pods one 120 rd. pod w/ reusable paintballs, 200 rd. hopper, a macro line kit, a 24 oz. Co2 tank ,barrel cleaner and a new and unused remote line. I have a young child and don't have the time to play anymore.The Automag is an excellent gun and is very rare, It will also run on compressed air or nitrogen. Good Luck!