Minnesota Vikings Patch! Huge and Real Cool!

Hello and thanks for taking the time to look at this auction. What I have for sale is a Minnesota Vikings Patch. The dimension of this patch is 8 1/4" Wide and 10" inches in length at its longest point. This has no adhesive backing so it has to be sewn in place. The people I have sold these to have all been happy with their purchase, so why don't you go ahead and see what the Hubbub is about.

Costs per shipment are as follows:

The cost starts at $2.00 for shipping and handling. Any additional patches that are won are just an additional 50 cents per patch, that’s it! It will cost a little extra if this patch is shipped overseas. Any shipments to other countries can take up to 2-3 weeks to arrive!

I do not offer tracking of any kind for these patches so please don’t ask! If you really want tracking on your package please pay for priority shipping. (This is only for the US buyers)

The ship date for patches that are won will be Wednesdays. I may get your patch in the mail earlier then that, but in general all shipments will be made on Wednesday so please be aware of this when you win a patch.

Payment VIA PayPal only! If you have questions about any of the above, please feel free to write me before auction end. Thanks!