Minnesota Western Railway Company


Comparative Statement of Number Cars of Commodities (Revenue Cars Only)

Received at Gluck, Minnesota

There are 11 montly statements for 1936. The month of December is missing and the sheet for January has a tear but the print is not damaged. The commodities listed are: GRAIN: Wheat, Flax, Oats, Corn, Rye, Barley, Other Grains; LIVESTOCK: Cattle, Hogs, Sheep, Mixed Carloads: Automobiles, Ag. Imps., Mchy. & Vehicles; Brick and Tile; butter and Eggs; Butter (Lbs., L.C.L.); Canned Goods, Cans, Cement, Coal-Hard, Coal-Soft, Coke, Cream, Carloads, Cream in Cans, Forest Products, Grain Products, Hay and Straw, Lime, Plaster and Stucco, Oil, Potatoes, Salt, Sand and Gravel, Sugar Beets.

I will ship in a reinforced flat rate envelope. I will combine shipping with other items.