Minolta X-370, Auto Rokkor P F 1:18 f=55mmLens,Zoom Rokkor X 50-135MM 1:35 Lens

Here is a Vintage Used Minolta X-370 Camera with an Auto Rokkor-PF 1:18 f=55mm Lens and with a MD Zoom Rokkor-X 50-135mm 1:35 lens. All these pieces need cleaning. The camera is fairly clear but has some tiny black dots inside. The 55mm lens is fairly clean and seems to be in working condition. The 50-135mm lens seems to be working but is very dirty on the inside� front of the lens as seen in the photo. I� don't know if the camera works as it has no batteries. The film door opens� and closes with no problem. The shutter button moves up and down but� the winder� doesn't move but possibly because I� don't know how to move it or because it has no batteries. I selling these items "as is" and I do not do returns.�