Minolta X-700 35mm Camera with Sigma Mini-Wide Lens

Estate Minolta X-700 35mm SLR Camera with Sigma Mini-Zoom Lens

Exact age unknown

Launched by Minolta in 1981, sold until 1999

This auction is for one Minolta X-700 35mm camera with Sigma Mini-Zoom lens in estate pre-owned, used condition.

The X-700 has three modes: Programmed Automatic Exposure, Aperture-Priority Automatic Exposure, and Full-Metered Manual Exposure Control. Essentially this camera can be used by a novice or an expert.

This one is from an estate, in as-found condition. I am not familiar with all of the features of this camera, t are tons, and the camera accessories available for this model (film motor, lenses, etc.) are numerous. T is a lot of info, including free downloaded user manuals, on the Internet.

This camera has the Sigma Mini-Zoom lens (f=28 mm) attached in place of the original Minolta lens.

The lens cap is attached and goes on and off properly.

CONDITION: Good used condition, needing cleaning and a little TLC. T are a few exterior signs of use: Small scrape in the top center portion below the flash mount, paint scrapes on the edge of the round piece holding the rewind knob and the knob on the other side. T’s some dust in the top crevices by the knobs. Inside the film compartment, it looks like the little strip of insulation (?) on
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