MINORI AOI Nude Photo Book TENNYO #1

MINORI AOI Nude Photo Book TENNYO #1 Masaaki MIYAZAWA, photographer. "Tennyo 1." Minori AOI, model. Japan: Eichi, 2000, First Edition, OOP, PB, dj, 25 cm x 19 cm, Approx. 150 pp, color photos. Condition: Very Good, with obi, binding is still tight, unbent. Comments: "Tennyo" means "goddess" in Japanese. The English description on the cover: "The goddesses who are handed down in Japan from the old days and who is told. Sometimes supreme bliss was given to the people, sometimes flowers was brought to this world, and sometimes men was confused by her. The new series that the photographer Masaaki Miyazawa takes a picture! The tennyos' of ten women in the present day are delivered. What do you see in this tennyo?" The first volume is devoted to the famous waif-like Japanese actress, Minori AOI. Other models featured in the series include well-known actresses like Mai Hagiwara and Ichigo Milk. Fantastic photography of a beautiful subject. A modern photographic form of shunga, the photos are laid out to create a drama both beautiful and vulgar. Miyazawa's photographic style is more personal than most, he prefers his models in a natural state. Photographed in the snow country, a nice departure from the usual realms of tropical beaches. Minori’s diary of the photo-shoot in Japanese. This import photo-book was never published outside of Japan. ... read more