This is a gorgeous duo of Akro Agate corkscrew marbles. One example has a bright orange ribbon on a royal blue base glass, grades 8.9 near mint plus with a microscopic nick that could be as made. The second example has brown mixed with dark red and transparent blue ribbon in 9.5 mint condition and 5/8" in size.

Grading: We use numbering system that has been used in the past and present by many auction houses and societies. Our grading system is conservative, simple and honest. Please contact us with any questions. Grading is as follows:

9.5-9.9 Mint: Marble has original wet, as made surface. As made imperfections do not present any glass loss, air pops or any major creases. Marble should be round.

9.0-9.4 Mint Minus: Marble has no glass loss other than as mades. Marble might have as made imperfections, as made glass voids, surface creases. Air pops on surface may be present. Marble should have original wet surface. Marble may be as made out of round.

8.7-8.9 Near Mint Plus: Marble has minor damage from play and not as made. Surface should be glossy wet on higher grades. Minor pocket ware might be present.

8.4-8.6 Near Mint: Marble has some damage from play. Over three tiny nicks should be expected. Surface might have minor scratches.

8.0-8.3 Near Mint Minus: Heavy pocket ware and damage from
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