Mint BLOWOUT 120 .999 Fine Copper 1 Ounce Bullion Round Coins and 1 oz Ingots

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120 One Ounce .999 Fine Copper Bullion Rounds and Ingots for $89 delivered, plus free bonus items as described here.

This sale is for 1 20 + rounds and ingots of .999 or fine pure copper bullion.

Each round is individually packaged in a small zip lock bar. For this BLOWOUT special, no certain designs can be specified and years are mostly 2012 but could be dated from 2010 to 2013

We are even tossing in ONE RARE 1 ounce .995 fine zinc round with every 120 piece lot of 1 ounce fine copper bullion rounds and bars.

Buy this deal while it lasts and buy as many lots as you can now. There is absolutely noting wrong with these rounds and ingots. Most are just overruns and show samples that have been kept in air tight plastic since new.

To further sweeten the deal, buy 3 to 8 more lots and we will toss in 5 additional RARE One Ounce .995 pure Zinc rounds which sell right here on eBay fro $3 each.

Buy 10 lots and get all of the above AND 5 RARE one ounce .995 NICKEL bullion rounds that sell for $6 each.

This is strictly an "AS-IS" lot with no returns or exchanges allowed.

While this is a 10 day eBay listing, we do not expect this deal to last that long and this offer can be over very soon.

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