Mint! Boston Celtic Larry Bird Starting Lineup figure 1988 NBA Basketball

Hall of Famer Larry Bird

Starting Lineup Collectible Figurine

Pristine condition-1988 Edition in Green Celtic uniform

First year SLU's were made for Basketball

Very Rare!

Those who had predicted that Bird could never turn Boston around had to take back their statements. After Bird's first year, the team played in the championship series again and won in 1981, 1984, and 1986. The Celtics' games at the Boston Garden (their home stadium) were sold out for years because fans wanted to watch Bird play.

Bird was never the flashiest of players in the NBA. He was not very fast on the court and was not a remarkable jumper. Bird has achieved greatness the old-fashioned way—by being consistent, by contributing not as a grandstanding superstar but as a team player, and by attacking every game with every ounce of effort. He spent hours practicing both with his team and alone. Sportswriters and fans alike have been amazed at how Bird knew the game, the basketball court, and where the ball was going to be. His timing and feel for the game was exceptional. He always seemed to know where he should go and where he should be.

Bird was always somewhat injury-prone. He missed much of the 1988–89 season after major surgery on both heels. He continued to battle back problems and other injuries throughout
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