Mint in Box Airfix Poly HO-OO German Tiger Tank

Mint in Box Airfix Poly German TigerTank HO/OO

Both the Tiger Tank and the box are inperfect, mint, un-played with condition.

I purchased this tank in 1981 from a model shop that was closing down and it has been in storage ever since. It has NEVER been played with. All my Airfix models are ex-shop stock, and that is why I describe them as NEW....because they have never been out of their box except to be photographed and they have certainly never been played they are MINT.

This is your chance to own a totally mint Airfix Tiger...and box....bring back those memories of the late 1970s, Saturday mornings, pocket or birthday money in hand...deciding what to buy in your local toy shop...(I never remember the Sherman being available as poly models and why was it that the only two Allied poly tanks I could get hold of were really post -war....The Patton and The Centurion? Great for re-enacting the Korean War but not armoured D-Day style attacks on The Costal Defence Fort....).....but enough of my childhood...

On the underside of the model are the words AIRFIX and TIGER and in much smaller print MADE IN ENGLAND and PATS PENDING plus the directional arrow.

There is no writing or price label/tag on the box.

On the reverse of the box is CAT. NO 1831 CODE NO. 09780-6 plus a list
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