MINT & RARE! Camillus/Santa Fe Stoneworks Prototype Knife

Th is is an extremely rare Camillus/ Santa Fe Stoneworks knife that was made as a prototype for sales--long ago, before Camillus closed its doors in 2007.
The knife is a 3-1/8" single blade lock knife with a 2-1/8" drop point blade. The left side of the blade is marked with the Santa Fe Stoneworks logo; the left side of the tang is marked: "Camillus/ New York/ U.S.A."
The handle is made of separate pieces of Eastern Birch that have been stabilized and dyed--it is spectacular! (Since this was a prototype, only the left side had the fitted inlay work--the factory sales guys would look at it, and decide if they wanted to have it in production.)
As you know, Camillus owned an interest in Santa Fe Stoneworks for many years; Santa Fe put premium quality handles on many knives for Camillus, through the years. This knife was one of the last ones that Santa Fe did for Camillus before they dissolved their financial relationship; and it was one of the few prototypes left in the Camillus factory when Camillus closed their doors forever. We got the knife at the Camillus auction in September 2007.
With this knife is a letter from Bill Wirtel, President of Santa Fe Stoneworks about this knife.
Here are some exerpts from that letter:
"...Congratulations on getting the Santa Fe Stoneworks/ Camillus prototype knives at
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