RARE, MINT EAPG Jumbo Pattern Castor Set

HISTORY This EAPG Jumbo pattern castor set is by Greensburg Glass, circa 1891; its factory name was the Stanley Castor. This piece came from a wonderful EAPG collection of my grandmother's.

My grandmother told me this castor set is rare because it has all of its parts--the three bottles, their lids, the holding bracket. I have another Jumbo pattern castor base but without the bottles, which I believe is fairly typical of having such old glassware and keeping the individual parts together.

PHOTOS and DESCRIPTIONS I have taken photos from all angles for you to see. The set has the salt and pepper bottles with the Victorian-era-added mustard bottle to complete the set. The mustard bottle is hinged, and that little hinge is complete and holds on the lid, but one side of the tiny hinge pin has come loose from its solder. The three bottles are in perfect shape with no cracks or chips. The mustard and pepper bottles are totally clear; the salt is filmed in a little white film at its bottom (I'm assuming it's salt residue from use). I have only rinsed the bottles in warm water and don't want to put anything in them to clean them. If you know how to remove the white areas from the salt bottle, great!

I have shown in one photo the three bottles without their lids on. As you can see, there are small chips around the
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