MINT Hard Maple PARRISH Wood BOWLS Spoon Fork SET

This is for a made in the 1920s Never Used set of J. Shepherd Parrish Company Hard Maple Bowls and spoon and fork.

Salad Set. Large Bowl is 9" Wide, 2 6.5" Wide Bowl and a Spoon and Fork both 10" Long.

These were manufactured in Holbert, Michigan heart of the hardwood country. The Parrish company was founded in the 1800's and closed in 1930.

Parrish Wood items are still the only hardwood items found today.

In 1982, Hubes Glass Company bought the inventory left over from 1930 that had been in storage and packaged them in groups.

Has the Original Parrish brand marking on bottom of large bowl.

These are still in the packaging. (Packaging is a little rough)

Wood pieces are in MINT, never used condition!

What a great addition to your collection!