Mint Revox Studer A720 Pre- amp -Tuner with Nixie tubes

Mint Revox Studer A720 Pre- amp -Tuner with Nixie tubes.
Please look to all 21 pictures!

Here you are looking to a top quality Tuner - Pre amp.
This amp is made in Swiss by Studer - Revox and is in a MINT condition.
Commes from the first owner.
Is still in his original factory box with styrofoam inserts for perfect protection during shipping.
Is been checked out by my technitian , and in PERFECT working order ( he replaced a few capasitors)
Very nice Display technic with NIXIE tubes !
Perfect condition ! MINT ! No scratches or dents , perfect frontplate, illuminated VU meters, also the Muting and Stereo reception indicator is working (See pictures).
Cabinet is made out of real wood.
Works on 110 & 220 volts.
Was extremely expensive in his time and is now very sought after by Hi-Fi collectors.
I have also the matching Big Revox A700 taperecoder with this unit.
Also other Revox equippement on auction.
Please look at my other auctions for more of this ! Check out my other items !
17.00 Euro to Belgium .
27.00 euro for the following Countrys : Luxembourg , Denmark, France , Germany , Austria , Italy , UK , Netherlands.
37.00 euro for : Ireland , Finland , Portugal , Spain , Sweden , Poland , Tsjechië , Hungary , Slovakia ,Slovenië
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