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From the Walt Disney Classics Collection . . .

Barrel - "Now and Forever..."

This diminutive porcelain figurine depicts Barrel

- the last of Oogie Boogies' three agents -

sent to kidnap Sandy Claws and tby cancel Christmas.

The Walt Disney Classics Collection item number for this piece was 1215506.

This little ghoul stands approximately three and one quarter inches tall.

The incised annual production mark for this piece is

the Butterfly from Walt Disney's animated classic Bambi.

This sculpture was produced in the year 2001 -

the first of two years of production.

This piece was retired in October of 2002.

The Lock, Shock and Barrel figurines have since become three of the most sought-after in

the Walt Disney Classics Collection.

The Walt Disney Classics Collection

has packaged Barrel between two foam forms.

Remove the upper form to reveal Barrel.

Slowly and gently lift Barrel from the lower form by his base and torso.

Please take extra care not to apply pressure to either of Barrel's arms

as these are easily damaged.

This sculpture is in mint condition and comes
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