MINTON -- BUCKINGHAM Pat # K-159 -- Oval Platter 15" Gold Encrusted China - A+++

Here is a Stunningly Beautiful Rectangle Oval Platter made by "Minton."

This Superbly Elegant Gold Encrusted China was Designed and made in "England"

This auction is for {1} Rectangle Oval Platter.

Measures 15" in diameter

This Platter is in Excellant Condition!

I have found this Platter to be free of any Damage.

No Chips, Nicks, Cracks, or Crazing.

Their are a "Very Few Very Light" utensil/usage marks in the Center Area of this Platter! These utensil marks are not noticeable unless one is looking/searching for them. IN OTHER WORDS THIS PLATTER IS NOT "ALL SCRATCHED UP". I am Only making this point for accuracy's sake. There is One Glaze pop, or Factory Flaw, or possibly a Very Very Tiny Nick, I cannot tell. It is on the backside foot of the platter. I have taken a picture of this area for you to view. Please view the last two pictures that I have taken. They are the same picture just one is blown up and/or magnified.

I have additional pieces. If you would like additional Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, Dimitasse Cup & Saucer Sets, Cream Soup Bowl and Saucer Sets, or other pieces in the Buckingham pattern, Please let me know and I will list what you want on ebay with a "Buy it Now".

My Guarentee to you is that if upon receiving this china you find Damage
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