Now, you can have beautiful Polished Brass or Copper with no work at all! Incredible, non-toxic QUICKSHINE BRASS AND COPPER BATH Eliminates all the work! If you HATE polishing Brass and Copper as much as I do.... If you HATE all that time-consuming, boring, filthy work; all the brushes and the rags.... ...you're going to LOVE Quickshine Brass and Copper Bath! You just take a Quickshine sachet, and place it unopened in the bottom of your sink or a plastic bowl. Add all your Brassware or Copper, the small pieces, the larger ones, as much as you have, then add hot water - and that's it. Non-Toxic QUICKSHINE removes all the dirt and tarnish, in minutes. Ts no liquids, no measuring, no dipping, no rubbing, no smell and no mess. Dirt and tarnish float away right before you eyes - and you don't even
get your hands dirty. Quickshine Brass and Copper bath works safely even on engraved and filigree pieces. Most tarnished items will come clean before your eyes, in just a few minutes. Then just rinse and wipe dry! Non-Toxic, Odorless, and non-abrasive, Quickshine is NOTHING LIKE those old fashioned polishes, that wear away the metal with every rub of the polishing cloth. Now you will be proud to show and use your beautiful Brassware so much more often, because all that it takes to have Sparkling Brass and Copper is Quickshine, and just
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