Miracle Maid Waterless Stackable Cookwareâe"18 Pieces!

Miracle Maid Cookware by West Bend

Waterless Stackable Cooking System âe" 18 Pieces!

you have an entire set of Miracle Maid Cookware. Everything you want to start waterless cooking. This cookware has been used, but has been taken good care of and is all in very nice condition. Please see descriptions of each piece as I have noted any flaws that you may not be able to see from the picture in order for you to make an educated decision. Cookware has many many years of usage left.

In case you wondered, this is the cookware that requires very little moister to cook with. The insides of the pans are a stainless steal (very very very easy to clean!) and the lids have an anodized surface that, when the contents reach a certain temperature, the lid will spin freely on a little seal of water that forms between the lid and the pan. This also keeps the moisture and steam in the pan so that it will cook âeoewithout waterâe. This cookware has taken me a long time to decide to part with. We bought it in 1978. Now we are scaling back. It was one of the best investments we ever made. This cookware is amazing.

Grouping 1

5 Quart Stock Pot 12âe Wide X 2âe Deep Fry Pan 1 Standard 12âe Lid that fits either the above 1 Dome Stacking lid that fits either of the above . 1 Steamer Tray that fits in side either
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