Miracord Elac 50H Automatic/Manual Turntable.

Used in Great Condition Miracord Elac 50H Automatic/Manual Turntable: Plays 3 Record Types; 7", 10", & 12" At 3 Speeds; 33, 45, & 78. Includes Single-Play Spindle. For its age this old Rare German made top line turntable works just fine! The motor inside runs quiet and still turn the unit's heavy platter around just fine! The lights indicators still work; speed select light and the rare featured "Miracord logo light" in the front still lights up! It even has an 110-120 outlet in the back which can be controlled with an on/off switch in the front! I believe that it still has it's original cartridge & needdle but I am not sure. Except for two small shadow spots made by removing my dad's initials which he'd placed in front, the wood finish over all is in good condition. To fully test the unit I played some LPs and it sound just great with every thing working just fine! T is however some humming sound that appears when you go near or touch the unit while on, this is due to a lack of a ground wire hook up which I am told is no problem to correct. Like most people I do not know the technical stuff, this item I believe would be best served by persons who are knowledgeable in these things. Also the rubber heavy platter cover gets oily due to its oldness, you can easily replace it along with additional accessories i.e. auto spindle ... read more