Miranda Camera Co. Miranda EE-2 35mm SLR Camera & 50mm f1.8 Lens meter works

Miranda EE-2, 35mm SLR camera in Excellent condition fitted with Miranda 50mm f1.8 lens with original ever ready case

A battery if fitted and meter works fine

Comes fitted with the original Prism finder which is removable and interchangable with other suitable finders

Very well made camera, around the side of shutter speed dial you can see speed numerals in reverse, these are read through a small window need to viewfinder so you know what speed is correct

Excellent quality metal construction camera in great condition and works fine, some specs of dust in viewfinder, nothing to affect use

This is a high quality camera made by the Miranda Camera Co. in Japan, not to be confused with the later cheap plastic cameras and lenses with the same name but made by a different company