Miranda DR 1.9 + Chest level & Std Viewfinders, Soligor Miranda 1.9 f=5cm +books

Sold as is! Rare Camera! Rare 1960 Vintage 35mm Camera in original black leather Miranda Logo case. Really cool version has two viewfinders! Miranda DR 1.9 35mm camera + interchangeable viewfinders + VF 1 Chest level + the Standard Viewfinder + Soligor Miranda 1.9 f=5cm + Miranda DR 1.9 book + Official Miranda Manual + Metraphot 2 Light meter, + Booklet and case attached to strap Light meter still seems to work. has very light wear see photos. Clear viewfinder, this has a really easily removed viewfinder (see group photo with viewfinder off). Viewfinder does work well at waist level, see image. This functions on all settings,and apperture is smooth, and the camera has no fungus scratches or physical damage. (See photos for further evaluation) Pretty clean and the lens has no scratches just light dust and lightest of wear. This has a single stroke winder, shutter button on the front, next to the lens. It fires instantly after wound to next frame. Sold as is! Please use pictures for evaluation. information about this RARE camera can be found here: /wiki/Miranda_D All used cameras are SOLD AS IS for display or collection.

View the pictures hopefully you agree this shows a very good collectible specimen of this camera.

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