Miroku Kazaana Wind Tunnel Rosary Mala Nenju Inuyasha

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Miroku's Kazaana Wind Tunnel Rosary
( Miroku Blue Quartz Buddhist Rosary a.k.a. Nenju, Juzu, Japmala, Mala, Prayer Beads
inspired by the amorous monk Miroku 's rosary from the anime Inuyasha. )

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This hand-crafted Buddhist rosary was inspired by the mala
(also called nenju, juzu, japmala, or prayer beads)
used by the amorous monk Miroku from the manga comic and anime series Inu-Yasha.
We use the same authentic materials that have been used since ancient times,
which means 100% all natural materials.
One hundred and eight blue quartz beads
are strung on strong 3 braided 100% silk thread
connected at a larger 12mm Guru bead (also called Buddha bead).
T are four 8mm marker beads
at the 7th and 14th beads from the Guru bead representing the Shitenno
(Guardians of the Four Directions, Protectors of Buddhist Law, and Protectors of Human Kind).
Hanging from the Guru bead are two counters with 10 beads on each.
Ten smaller 4mm beads are on the counters.
If your capable of working houriki (clerical buddhist magicks),
or they call you Miko-sama (female priestess),
Houshi-sama (Buddhist monk), Kannushi-sama (Shinto priest), or Obou-sama (Buddhist priest),
or even if you just need something

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