Mission Model Etch Mate 3C Photo Etch Bending Machine

This etch mate is new in box.
Mission Models has an interesting tool line that turns out specialized items for the modeler. The Etchmate is definitely one of them!
This tool is 6.5 inches wide and has six different widths of finger vices to allow for the easy bending or folding of photo-etched parts into their intended shapes. For those long parts like tank fenders, you can reverse the upper portion of the vice to get one long edge.
The Etchmate is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and is anodized to create a rugged working surface. The knob on the Etchmate loosens or tightens the upper vice, which is spring-loaded to make insertion and removal of your parts painless. One detail on this tool that I haven't seen before is a thin raised line running the width of the tool and against the edges of the vice fingers. Like a metal brake, when you tighten the part into the vice, the ridge will start the bend ever so slightly, making the job of getting a blade under the part to complete the fold much easier. A razor blade is included with this set.