Mississippian Southern Greenstone Celt Perfect Bit

This is a great polished celt made from typical southern greenstone; light green stone with black streaks and swirls. It was found in NW Georgia, just south of Chattanooga, TN. T is also a "wormhole" similar to what you'd expect in slate pieces. (A wormhole is a light colored inclusion that looks as though when the rock was forming, a worm bored into the material, and the hole was eventually replaced by lighter colored material. A "wormhole" wasn't actually made by a worm, but looks like it could've been.) The "wormhole" is about 2" long and extends diagonally across the top part of the side of the celt with the white label.

This celt is 6 1/4" long by 2 9/16" wide by 1 1/8", and would date from the early Mississippian Period. As typical with many greenstone celts, t are some stone flaws which were not polished out. Otherwise the piece has fantastic slick, overall polish. Also, t are a couple of minor plow marks on one side. (See the photos.) The flaws, however, add much character to the piece. It has great patina and age, and is guaranteed ancient and authentic. Buyer pays $5.00 shipping (Priority Mail) in US. Actual postage elsew