Mix Diamond Hill Lot > Quartz Crystal Clusters Amethyst

Lot of 15 / 12 lbs

*Mixed C olo rf ul *

*Quartz Crystal Clusters*


This is a mixed lot Quartz crystal clusters from Diamond Hill in South Carolina. They have been cleaned, but not to perfection, they do still have slight amount of dirt on them, thats why I'm starting them off at such a low price! This is a great varitey box from this locality! Has also a piece of amethyst! Most pieces are skeletal quartz! Nice Black & orange color coatings, all natural!! Super Color, check out close up pics!!! Has orange & black coated oxides! Most pieces have damage, but is only minimal. Total weight is about 12 lbs. Smallest piece is 3" long and biggest is 7" long. Color is due to iron & maganese oxides! Quartz Crystals are known for good luck & special healing qualities! Comes from Diamond Hill in South Carolina, known for many different variations of quartz! Each piece will be bubble wrapped for protection! Check my store for more, I take offers on everything!Check out my other items !


Diamond Hill is located in upper part of South Carolina. Over thousands of years, erosion has occured to the southern part of the Appalachin Mountains. This has exposed a small 3 acre spot full of some of the widest variety quartz crystals in the world, known as Diamond
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