Mix Man dm2 USB Digital Music Mixer & DJ Scratch Turntables + Software CD!

dm2 MixMan digital music mixer & turntables, comes with software & controller (works via USB).
Gently used (shows light signs of use) but in good working condition.
"The Mixman DM2 is an integrated hardware-software system that enables you to create real-time club music mixes without prior turntable or studio experience. DM2 connects to your PC by way of a USB cable and runs a customized Beatnik version of Mixman® software package letting you access computer music files "on-the-fly" instantly for DJ-style mixing and scratching. With the ability to simultaneously combine and manipulate up to 16 tracks of digital audio from a library of over 600 audio tracks, DM2's dual, independent scratching rings let you work with up to 128 samples for an unlimited number of music remix versions. Mixman's patented auto-beat matching feature makes it easy for first-time users to create pro-sounding mixes and there is a joystick control for applying Mixman's Wideband Audio Real-time Processing (W.A.R.P.) effects like flange, jimifuzz and dub delay. The DM2 also has cross-fader and transformer buttons that function like controls on a professional, turntable DJ mixer. The DM2 comes with 30 Mixman SinglesTM that are broken out into individual audio elements, including keyboard, bass, vocals and more. Remixes can be saved, emailed or
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