Mixed Lot of Gatecrash - 69 Mythic/Rare, 267 Unc - All Unplayed NM/M - See List

Important: shipping to USA only for this item , including APO/FPO.
This auction is for a mixe d lot of cards f ro m the Gatecrash set that I accu mulated while collecting a n unpla yed NM/M set for my collection. A ll but two or three came from packs that I opened myself, and all are unplayed , in NM/M condition. See t he list below for the rares and mythics in the lot. Th ere a re no more than 4 of any u ncommon, and I ha ve not previously filtered out or sold any o f the "extra" uncommons , so this lot contains all the overflow uncommons I pulled from packs (up to 4 p er card, of course) .
Shipping will be via USPS Priority Mail (small flat rate box) with the cards packaged in four Mirrodin starter deck boxes. Thanks for looking!
Rares / Mythics :
2 Alms Beast
3 Angelic Skirmisher
1 Assemble the Legion
5 Biomass Mutation
1 Blind Obedience
1 Borborygmos Enraged
2 Clan Defiance
1 Consuming Aberration
3 Crypt Ghast
1 Deathpact Angel
1 Diluvian Primordial
1 Enter the Infinite
1 Fathom Mage
1 Firemane Avenger
3 Five-Alarm Fire
1 Giant Adephage
1 Gyre Sage
2 Illusionist's Bracers
2 Immortal Servitude
1 Legion Loyalist
1 Lord of the Void
6 Luminate Primordial
2 Mind Grind
3 Molten Primordial
3 Mystic Genesis
2 Nightveil
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