Mixed Lot of TV Tubes RCA, Zenith, GE plus others

Up for sale is a large lot of television tubes. We are cleaning out the grandfather's basement. Over 60 years of items. My grandfather repaired televisions, radios, etc. Keep checking our auctions as we will be adding items over an extended period of time.

All items are sold as is. These tubes are in t original boxes and have been kept in cases. I have not tested them. I will do my best to below to included the numbers on the box end of each tube. T are approximately 90 - 100 tubes in this lot. It is a mixture of large and small size tubes.

Note local pick-up of these items can arranged. T will be no refunds/exchanges. This is a great collection for use in repair of old televisions or just as a collectible item.

RCA Tubes: 6CL3/6CK3 6Z10/6J10 5DJ4 6GY8 6KT8 6EZ5 6CJ3/6CH3 3DG4 6JU8A 6KV8 15KY8A 6BV11 6GB5 6JW8/ECF802 6GK5 6BQ6GTB 6BH11 6AX4GTB 6JX8/ECH84 6HG8/ECF86 6CV6 6AF11 5Y3GT 6JH8 6JC6A 6AU4GTA 6DN3 12AXYGTB 6JH6 6KZ8 6BF11 6MN8 6HV5A 6JD6 6HM5/6HA5 6EW7 6BE3 6LU8 6KA8 6HS8 6DQ5 6CM3 6JH5 6HM5/6HA5 6HJ7 Z1LR8 6JS6C3 6JF6 6JE8 6J6A 3DG4 6KD6 6KM6 6KR8 6GS7 6GC3/6BW3/6DQ3 6DQ5 6GY6 6KE8 6HR5 5U4GB--quantity 3 21LR8 6GX7 6GT7/ECF801 6JH6 5UA4--quantity 2 6GJ5 6JT8 6HF8 6GN5 6RU5 6GK6 6LE8 6HD7 ...