MLB Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones Jersey NEW! MINT! AUTHENTIC! NUMBER 10 SIZE 54

Greetings and Welcome to all MLB and particularly Atlanta Braves baseball fans! Here is an authentic MLB Atlanta Braves Chipper Jones jersey that is brand new, in mint condition, never used, never worn or even tried on for all braves fans! This particular garment is a men's size 54 only! Manufactured by MLB's official garment manufacturer, Majestic, this beautiful garment is all red, the Braves special weekend and holiday colors of choice for play at home, and is a front button down with red buttons. A blue stripe runs down each side of the vertical row of buttons and is lined with a white stripe on each side of the blue! At the top of the jersey, written in script across the chest area, is the famous, "BRAVES" logo name embroidered, and immediately below that is the famous Braves logo, the tomahawk embroidered in blue, red, and yellow and outlined in white! With spring training just a few short weeks away, now is the time to get prepared with a new team jersey, and what a better way than with one of baseball's best third baseman: Chipper Jones jersey!
At the bottom right of the garment as viewed from the front is an embroidered patch that includes the MLB official logo inside it with the word, "AUTHENTIC" "COLLECTION" inside the patch. The next line has the phrase, "Performance Apparel" and the last line has the "MAJESTIC"
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