MM07 2007 Marvel Masterpieces MASTER SET 385 cards GOLD

2007 Marvel Masterpieces Complete Master Set

350 cards plus bonuses

A True Legend Never Dies!

Fifteen years of legendary talent continues, by bringing top characters like Spider-man, Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, Rogue, Magneto, Phoenix, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, and Daredevil of the Marvel Comics Universe to life.

Marvel Masterpieces delivers only the highest quality of superhero trading cards ever seen!

Key selling points:

All the popular Marvel Heroes presented at the highest level. Original art by the best comic artists Complete parallel foil set Original art sketch cards âe" one per box. Marvel Legends includes: 90 Base Set Cards 90 Parallel Foil Base Set Cards (1:1) Sketch Cards (1:36) 9 X-Men Set Chase cards (1:4) 9 Parallel Foil X-Men Set Chase Cards (1:18) 9 Spiderman Set Chase cards (1:4) 9 Parallel Foil Spiderman Set Chase Cards (1:18) 18 Splash Page Cards (1:6)

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Exactly what is included in this auction is as follows:

Base Set (90 cards)

Parallel A foil set (90 cards)

Parallel B gold border set (90 cards)

Spider Man subset S1-S9 (9 cards)

Spider Man parallel subset S1-S9 (9 cards)

X-men subset X1-X9 (9 cards)

X-men parallel subset X1-X9 (9 cards)

Alex Ross splash pages 1-3 (3
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