MMHW Custom Blade Knife Combat Self Defense, Murphy / Frizzell Scalpel !!!!!!!

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From Mineral Mountain Hatchet Works. Here is something a little bit different, I think you will agree!

I recently acquired a number of Dave Murphy steak knives from the 1940' and 50'. The blades in these knives are high speed tool steel, most authorities agree. My personal speculation is that the steel is L-6 or saw blade steel since Dave's marketing area was the west coast and that's where timbering was big in the forty's and that is what saw blade steel is made off. It rusts with no maintenance, it turns Blue Black with minimal care and with frequent maintenance remains bright. I have not tried to make these knives look like new, you will encounter blemishes both in the handles and blades, not too bad at all for there age. Cast Aluminum handles, each marked with the 40's 50's Murphy logo. Dave made using knives, do not equate these blades with your common steak knives or kitchen paring knives. Being L-6 think of them as being the same kind of steel that is in a Skill saw blade. They won't buckle, break or over bend. Simply, they are the strongest, toughest blades of this size you can get for the money. If I didn't feel like I could offer you the same guarantee on them as is on my MMHW blades I wouldn't
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