MMW SILVER SURFER HC VOL 01 Back-to-press and fully restored by popular demand! The soaring Sentinel of the Spaceways makes a Marvel Masterworks splash with his unmatched solo series. Illustrated by the master of man, menace and motion, the one-and-only John Buscema, and featuring some of Stan Lee's most inspired and socially-charged scripts of the Silver Age, the adventures of Norrin Radd rank among the definitive tales of all Marveldom! Not only will you be awed beyond imagination by the Surfer's origin, you'll also face alien invasions, be torn down to the depths of hell by the utterly evil Mephisto, struggle against the Stranger, and face galaxy-conquering barbarians set on the destruction of, well, everything! Lest we forget what many consider the most beautifully rendered story in Marvel history: the Surfer's tête à tête with the mighty Thor! These double-length stories of drama and despair are a must-have for any and every Marvelite, and to prove we mean it, we're including the Surfer's first-ever solo adventure from the pages of Fantastic Four Annual #5 as a bonus! Writer Stan Lee Artist JOHN BUSCEMA & JACK KIRBY Cover JOHN BUSCEMA Pages 272 Format Hardcover Color Code NOV072201 Publisher Marvel

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