* 1939 *

* Stated - First Impression *


Profusely Illustrated with Photographs this Fascinating Book of Minerals metals and gems includes Great illustrations of Hydraulic Gold Mining ** Modern Alaskan Gold Mine ** Silica Quarry ** Panning Gold by Hand in Panama ** A Placer Gold Mine in the Jungles of Panama ** Gold-Silver-Lead Mine at Telluride, Colorado; ** A Nitrate Mine on the Chilean Desert; ** Mining Bauxite in British Guiana; Mining Soft Kaolin; and more and Drawings of Minerals and Crystals

This Really Neat book has been written solely for the purpose of telling the interesting and frequently very strange stories of some of the most important and best-known minerals which go to make up this old earth of ours.

Chapters and some content: MINERALS and ROCKS in the MAKING (difference between minerals and rocks; use of latin names; simplicity of mineral names; groups of rocks and minerals; igneous and sedimentary rocks; metamorphized rocks and minerals; limestone rocks; why some rocks are coarse and some fine-grained; how sandstone is formed; puddingstone; how veins and crystals are formed; what causes colors; precious stones; and more)

MINERAL MINES (who were the first miners? ancient mines; mines of metals and gems;

GOLD IS WHERE YOU FIND IT (the gamble of mining; placer mines; low and high grade gold mines; dredging; the lure of gold; washing gold in a Massachusetts park; Gold in Vermont hills; Lucky Baldwin; Story of Helena; the story of the Gopher Mine; the telluride gold mines; platinum; a fortune in counterfeit coins; worthless riches; the story of a strange bonanza; why is gold valuable; the origin of the gold standard; and more)

STRANGE PROPERTIES OF STRANGE STONES (a mineral that bends; why is it flexible; the remarkable calcite; a mineral that sees double; how gypsum was formed; satin spar and alabaster; wonders of common quartz; quartz crystals and their marvels; Chalcedony, agate, jasper, and other quartz minerals; commercial value of quartz; opal and how it is formed; what causes the colors in opals; Geyserite; an explosive made from opal; Cat's eye and tiger's eye; Moonstones; a chameleon-like mineral; gold stone or sun stone and what it is; the strange alexandrite; the amazing selenium; a metal that tells light from darkness; a mineral that saves ships; and more)

PRECIOUS STONES and THEIR STORIES (sacred minerals and gems; Buffalo stones; Jewelry and Ornaments; a mysterious lapidary; amazing feats of gem-cutting; symbolism of stones; seal and signet stones; the Popes emerald; what birthstones really mean; Charlemagnes ring; Colored Diamonds; romances of famous diamonds; a diamond test and its result; strange beliefs; legends of turqouise; the legend of the fairy crosses; and more)

HOW MINERALS GROW (crystals formed by freezing and evaporation; snow crystals; geodes and how they are formed; stalactites and stalagmites; how they are formed; petrified forests; agate corals and chalcedony trees; petrifying objects while you wait; freak crystals; intergrown crystals; rosettes; mineral balls and sunbursts; crooked crystals; how they are formed; growing crystals at home; mineral flowers and how they are made; uses of nephrite; and more)


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