Mnscrpt Poem by John Quincy Adams "The Wants of Man

Multi-paged manuscript poem entitled "The Wants of Man" by John Quincy Adams. I have only scanned only three pages, but the poem is complete, with all 25 stanzas. The poem was copied in "Marietta" on "April 7, 1862." I'm not sure who copied this, but President John Quincy Adams (1767-1848) who besides being President of the U.S., was also a poet, polemicist, historian, diarist, scientist, Harvard professor, and diplomat. In 1841 he wrote and published this poem "The Wants of Man." In fact, Adams once wrote, "Could I have chosen my own genius and condition, I would have made myself a great poet." Adams' poetic efforts included secular verse, hymns, and versifications of the Psalms. Shortly after his death in 1848, many of his poems were collected and published by Thomas Hart Benton in "Poems of Religion and Society." The first republished poem in this book was "The Wants of Man." This poem was also among Ralph Waldo Emerson's favorites, which was republished in "Parnassus, a collection of Emerson's favorite poems." I do not know if this Civil War era copy of Adam's poem is from Marietta Georgia, or Marietta, PA. The poem is in very good condition. Buyer pays $2.25 shipping